The Morphological Changes of SnS Thin Films Deposited on Stainless-Steel Substrates at Low Temperatures


  •   Leticia Treviño Yarce

  •   Enrique Rosendo Andres

  •   Roman Romano Trujillo

  •   Crisoforo Morales Ruiz

  •   Tomas Diaz Becerril

  •   Rutilo Silva Gonzalez

  •   Reina Galeazzi Isasmendi

  •   Antonio Coyopol Solis

  •   Godofredo Garcia Salgado


Orthorhombic tin sulfide (SnS) thin films have been deposited on stainless steel (SS) substrates by Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) at 25, 35 and 70 °C with a deposit time of 8 hours each one. XRD analysis showed that samples obtained at 25 °C and 70 °C present very small diffraction peaks. This can be attributed in the case of the sample obtained at 25 degrees, that the crystallization process is not completed because the temperature is so low and in case of the sample deposited at 75 degrees, a redissolution of the material is carried out. However, sample obtained at 35 °C was polycrystalline with orthorhombic structure and preference plane (111). All samples showed the Raman vibrational modes TO and LO of the SnS and confirms that the samples do not have by-products. It was observed from SEM micrographs that the films consisted of spheres for the sample deposited at 25 °Candsmall flakes for the other samples. From diffuse reflectance measurements the optical band gap calculated was between 1.45 eV to 1.59 eV.

Keywords: Tin Sulfide, Chemical Bath, Stainless Steel, Low Temperature


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